Harding & Associates, Inc. is a commercial real estate development, property management and brokerage firm, based in Richmond, Virginia.

The alternatives to real estate investment are endless, as such, warrants the assistance of professional real estate advisors, tax planners  and attorneys whose expertise in the search and analysis of alternative “position” will help in making the right decision possible.

We all compete for business on some level to sell our services with our many contacts and skills. What sets a person or company apart is the delivery system and the fact that the client is proud that he has worked with you.

Transactions are exhausting and we must learn how to quickly assess the necessary information to either advance or move to the next.

Time Savings

A tremendous amount of research is involved in preparing thorough and accurate information about alternatives for the decision makers.

Market Knowledge

We know the market.  Daily involvement in the marketplace enables us to acquire complete and comparative data on such financially significant issues as rental rates, term, options to expand and/or renew escalation clauses, and financing of tenant improvements.  We can also advise you about relationships with building owners and landlords and the important part of day-to-day office management.

Negotiation Expertise

Substantial savings and benefits are available to prospective clients when they know what to look for and how to ask for it.  Expensive details can often be overlooked in the negotiations process.  Harding & Associates, Inc. is also knowledgeable in the development process and an added advantage at the bargaining table.


Many firms feel their real estate needs should be held in confidence.  Harding & Associates will always act in a fiduciary capacity with our clients.


All of the preceding four benefits allow you and your company to make positive decisions and move forward in comfort knowing that Harding & Associates, Inc. is protecting your best interest.


The task is to analyze all available alternatives to solve your specific criteria.  This analysis will be based on tangible facts relating to your existing positions, as well as on detailed assumptions regarding the types of arrangements available in the marketplace.


The findings of this analysis should be extremely helpful in providing you with a direction in which to approach your alternatives.  If you decide an investment is the appropriate course of action to take, the following represents the scope of services we will provide.  We are flexible and will work closely with you to tailor our services to your criteria or requirement.

Because of potential conflicts and our dedication to our fiduciary responsibility, we prefer to become an “Asset Manager “ thereby  working with brokers, engineers, and other companies necessary to have the correct  team approach to :

  1. Review any Current Facility
  2. Analyze Alternative Property Investments
  3. Identify and Survey Potential Locations
  4. Tour Properties
  5. Analyze Tenant Construction Plans
  6. Request and Analyze Building Proposals
  7. Review and Negotiate Lease