Commercial Real Estate –

Sample List of Completed Transactions:

  • Broker for land sale for estate of Fred O. Dorey ($600,000)
  • Broker for built-to-suit local bank ($500,000)
  • Broker for apartment land sale ($225,000)
  • Developer and general partner for 75,000 sq. ft. shopping center with Safeway, CVS Drug and locals ($1,700,000)
  • Broker for land sale to Trammel Crow Company ($2,200,000)
  • Broker/developer/partner for purchase and syndication of office building; negotiated new lease with national credit tenant ($500,000)
  • Broker/developer for land sale, including zoning and engineering for 320 apartment units ($6,400,000)
  • Partner in purchase of office building, subsequently syndicated and leased ($600,000)
  • Partner in land sale to Oxford Development ($750,000)
  • Partner in land assembly and development ($1,900,000)
  • Broker/partner/developer for land development and sale to Crestar Bank ($460,000)
  • Broker/partner/developer for land development and sale to McDonald’s ($700,000)
  • Awarded management of 50,000 sq. ft. Atlee Shopping Center
  • Broker/partner in negotiating sale of Commonwealth of Virginia lease for office building ($400,000)
  • Broker for sale of Bellwood Commons Shopping Center, Leesburg, Virginia, GE Capital ($9,500,000)
  • Analyzed and acquired Springer Plaza Shopping Center for ARS Investments; awarded management ($2,810,000)
  • Trustee for Travelers Insurance Company ($2,200,000)
  • Land sale to HOME DEPOT and Joint Venture with CBL
  • Renovation of College Square in Lexington, Virginia